Sonoma Valley View….

Megan Clouse, the official Sonoma Valley Calendar photographer took great photos which will be used for advertising this blog and the Calendar. Here are a few.

Sonoma Valley, looking West, about 30 minutes before sunset.

Ahh, the beautiful Sonoma Valley in winter at sunset

This shot is facing South or South East…..


One secret of Sonoma is the incredible weather we often have this time of year. Check out this blue December sky! I loved how the tree was lit by the setting sun and how brilliant the sky was behind it.


For those of you who used to listen to my radio show with Michael Kelley and have heard all about my cats, here they are. They followed Megan and me around while we took pictures. I managed to pick them both up at the same time. It only lasted a moment, but Megan snapped a great shot. The eleven pound “kitten” on my right is Redwood. The big guy on my left is His Royal Highness King Tuxedo.

Veronica, Redwood, and Tux