Sonoma Valley Film Festival – Big discount for Sonoma residents

Sunday night I watched the new movie The Persuit of Happyness at the Sonoma Cinemas. I recommend it highly, but be sure to take some tissue. I was in tears by the final scene. What a powerful exploration of one year in the life of a man and his child. Will Smith and his son do a great job.

While at the theater I saw a brochure about the 10th Sonoma Valley Film Festival which is coming April 11-15, 2007. The festival features over 75 new independent films from all over the world.

The Film Festival folks are making a great offer to the residents of Sonoma Valley. Residents receive a big discount on the 2007 Festival Pass which gives you access to all regular films and panels plus free gourmet food and wine tastings before every screening. (Sonoma folks don’t tend to gather without food and fine beverages being involved – heck one group advertised that there would be wine and cheese with their hike of the Overlook Trail!)

The Festvial Pass is normally $225, but residents can purchase one for $100.

Contact: or call 707-933-2600

UPDATE:  The chance to buy the discounted passes has, well, passed.  However, full price passes are still available.