Ernie Smith Park now has a Dog Park!

Travelling between Verano Ave and Boyes Blvd on Arnold Drive, you may have noticed Ernie Smith park across from the Driving Range.

Map of 18776 Gillman Dr
Sonoma, CA 95476-4541, US


It has always looked a bit scruffy, but not anymore!

Thanks to Prop 12 and park migitation fees, there was sufficient cash to make some much needed improvements. I spoke with Ken Tam at Sonoma County Regional Parks and got the scoop.


After meeting with local residents, it was decided to add a Dog Park to the facility. They are drilling a new well and will add grass to the Dog Park area as soon as the well is ready.

Dog Park #2

They also added a new pedestrian bridge to span the area that often floods in the winter, replaced failing pathways, and, GET THIS, planted 137 trees including:

Freeman Maple
Armstrong Maple
California Buckeye
White Alder
Dogwood Hybrid
Chinese Pistache
Coast Live Oak
Valley Oak
Red Oak
Coast Redwood

There is a nice play structure for the kids and a full basketball court.


For more information or to just say GOOD JOB!

Ken Tam, Park Planner II

Sonoma County Regional Parks Department

2300 County Center Drive, Suite 120A

Santa Rosa, Ca  95403


707-579-8247 Fax