Did you feel the earthquake last night?

At 3:27 am on Friday, January 12th, there was a 3.8 magnitude earthquake about 12 miles from Sonoma. Our household was woken by shaking windows.

Here is a link to the United States Geological Survey site information about this

Last night we were about 300th in line to report the quake on the USGS’ website. We reported it within 15 minutes of feeling it. Next time you feel a quake, you can report your experience here. That form can be used for any quake you feel. There should also be a page to report a specific quake (once it happens of course).

I just checked the statistics on this quake and the USGS has received 1811 reports from 96 different zip codes. It was felt all the way to San Francisco!

The Sonoma Valley has an amazing connection to earthquakes in Glen Ellen resident Jim Berkland. I have had the pleasure of interviewing Jim twice. He is a delight. Jim’s journey as an earthquake predictor is a fascinating story. Read the details of it on his website.

He is also the subject of the book The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes.

His website is www.syzygyjob.com.

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