Children of Today meeting, Tuesday Feb. 20th

The next Children of Today meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 20th. These meetings are wonderful. Here is the announcement. Further details can be found at

These gatherings are designed to provide information and support to the parents of The Children of Today (children who may not “fit” into the traditional systems possibly labeled ADD, ADHD , Autistic, Disruptive, Incorrigible, etc. and are viewed as “different”, “special”, and/or “psychic”) as well as introduce ideas and processes to help support our amazing children.

Every month on the third Tuesday, families gather to help support one another in today’s society with “tomorrow’s” kids.

Location: Kenwood School, 230 Randolph Avenue, Kenwood, Ca 95452
Date: Tuesday February 20, 2007
Time: 6:30pm-7:30pm

Please bring the kids, art supplies are available for their enjoyment. Everyone’s always welcome!

Donations always appreciated, never required.