Yes on Measure B – Parcel tax for the current Hospital

In March of 2002, Sonoma Health Care District voters approved a $130 per parcel tax to support the hospital and keep it open. That parcel tax is set to expire in June of this year.

On Tuesday, March 6th, there will be a special election asking the Health Care District voters to approve a $195 per parcel (per year) tax for up to five years as a ‘bridge’ of support for the current hospital as a new hospital is researched and built.

The consensus among those folks that have been following this situation is that without the parcel tax the hospital will be forced to close.

Using $500,000 as a property value, $195 is 0.039% of the property value. I would imagine that NOT having a hospital in the Valley would reduce the dollar value of a home by at least that much and would certainly lower the perceived value of a home even more.
It seems clear to me that we need a hospital in the Valley. It it also clear that we need a new parcel tax to pave the way to that new hospital.

I will be voting yes on Measure B.


Measure B did pass!!!  Now we can all come together to support the vision of a new hospital.  The Health Care Coalition should be announcing their recommendation soon.