A Photo Tour of the Sonoma Plaza with George Webber Part 2 of 2

Click on this link to see part one of our photo tour of the Sonoma Plaza with our guide George Webber. Learn more about George’s tours by visiting his website.

Here is a picture of General Vallejo AKA: George giving a tour.

George Webber as General Vallejo in front of the Sonoma Mission


This tall brick building houses Steiner’s Tavern. This turn of the century building was built by Masons. Steiner’s is a popular local watering hole.


“Sonoma’s brand new duck pond, subject of a year long renovation, will soon be open for the enjoyment of Sonoma’s younger set. While the pond was being renovated, the ducks were tagged and moved to a resident’s pond, the location of which seems to be a closely guarded secret.” We look forward to our ducks returning!

These two photos were taken from First Street West.


One of two playgrounds in the Plaza, for children of all ages.


“Sonoma Cheese factory on the North side of the plaza. The home of Sonoma Jack Cheese. Over 30 types of cheese can be tasted here on a daily basis.”

We have turned the corner now and are on the North side of the plaza on Spain Street.


“In these barracks, General Vallejo, kept his regiment. He never had more than 40 men at a time staying here this was however, the single largest military force in Northern California except for the Russians on the Sonoma Coast. There are many historic exhibits inside. It is a California State park (as is the Mission seen in the far right of this photo). Admission is $2 for adults, kids are free, and these tickets are good for the Mission and the Vallejo Home State Park as well.”

“The Vallejo home is three blocks West of the Mission down Spain Street (the same street that the Mission is on). This home was purchased from a kit in 1851 by General Vallejo. The pre-fabricated home went around Cape Horn and was reassembled on this spot. It was the first home in Sonoma County to have that most modern of conveniences, indoor plumbing. As the richest man in California, General Vallejo could afford this $50,000 home. In 1844 alone, he received $70,000 from his hide and tallow trade.”

Thank you George for a wonderful tour of the plaza. I learned a lot and had a great time!