Savor Sonoma Valley Barrel Tasting Event this Weekend – March 17-18

There is a big wine tasting event in the Valley this weekend. Which, of course, necessitates a check in with Phillip Torres of Epicure Wine Tours:

I heard you had a great time at the last barrel tasting event we talked about, I heard something about Mr. Plastic getting his exercise, did you find some nice wines to purchase?

I did, in spite of the fact, that I have a relatively large wine collection I can never resist adding to it at events like this.

We have another barrel tasting event this weekend!

For those of you who thought that Russian River/Healdsburg area was too far of a drive, this is a PERFECT opportunity to stay closer to home and still experience the combination of culinary delights and barrel tasting simultaneously.

I know this is a two day event, still, 19 wineries sounds like a lot to try and visit (see list at the bottom of this post)….

Those 19 wineries are the epitome of what Sonoma Valley has to offer. It really is the Heart of the Valley. This is the one event where this group of wineries pulls out all of the stops. It is truly a delight to see how each winery matches up their appetizers with their wines to truly give you ideas on what you could do to create that same “WOW” effect when you are serving these wines at home.

I attended this event about 6 years ago and it WAS a good time, however, 19 still sounds like more than you can hit in one weekend….

Since you have five hours each day, plan on one hour at each winery so that you have time to taste the wines and food sensibility and be able to enjoy it. You have to bear in mind that most of these wineries will have 4-5 current releases that they will be pouring IN ADDITION TO THE barrel tasting opportunities.

Going to five wineries may mean that you taste up to 20 or more wines in one day, and that is plenty for anybody. Many of these wineries are very close together so travel time will be kept to a minimum.

This differs substantially from Napa Valley wine tasting events because these wineries are all so close together. That’s what makes in Sonoma Valley wine tasting so special.

Here is a little quiz for you. One of the wineries which is not listed on the program but who will be participating is Sullivan, can you find it? If you can’t find Sullivan, contact me and I will let you know where it is!

Since the wineries are so close together, do they offer any sort of public transportation for participants. Like a shuttle? I know that parking and traffic can be difficult on normal weekends, special weekends like this must be a challenge?

Not that I am aware of. Perhaps one of our larger limo companies could consider offering this next year.

Any last comments?

Here is a barrel tasting foot note – Don’t expect the wines from the barrel to taste anything like the current releases. The whole point of barrel tasting is for you to be able to experience the wines as they are developing their flavors in the barrel. This is NOT the finished product. (But, some of them are SO GOOD that you would think they are the finished product!)

Another quick quiz before we go:

If you can find Henry Belmonte’s winery (it is on the list) stop in for a special treat. They make a specific type of port that is only made by a few wineries in the world.

Savor Sonoma Valley

A Barrel Tasting & Culinary Experience

Dates: March 17, 2007 — March 18, 2007
Time: 11 AM – 4 PM
Cost: $55.00 per person

The 17th Annual Savor Sonoma Valley – A Barrel Tasting & Culinary Experience happens March 17 & 18! (Barrel Tasting Weekend!)


Join 19 Wineries throughout Sonoma Valley this March for a Barrel Tasting & Culinary Experience!

Wineries will be showcasing 2006 vintage wines straight from the barrels, sampling new releases, and offering award-winning wines paired perfectly with culinary creations prepared by local chefs and restaurants.

Meet winemakers, mingle with wine lovers behind-the-scenes, peruse art from local artists and listen to live music. Experience the best that Sonoma Valley has to offer!

Ticket Options & Prices:
*SUNDAY-ONLY PASS: $40 per person

Participating Wineries Include:
Benziger Family Winery, Blackstone Winery, B.R. Cohn Winery, Chateau St. Jean, Eric Ross Winery, Imagery Estate Winery, Kenwood Vineyards, Kunde Estate Winery & Vineyards, Landmark Vineyards, Ledson Winery, Loxton Cellars, Mayo Family Winery, Audelssa Estate/Navillus Birney Winery & Vineyards, St. Francis Winery & Vineyards, SL Cellars, The Wine Room, VJB Vineyards & Cellars, Valley of the Moon Winery and Wellington Vineyards.

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