Update from the Health Care Coalition- Hospital Recommendation

Received via email today:

We finally did it! After more than 10 months of activities, meetings, discussions, negotiations, press stories, radio programs, feedback from the community, analyzing surveys, and other work, the Steering Committee of the Sonoma Valley Health Care Coalition has finalized it’s recommendations.

There will be stories in the papers, information will be on the blog and a meeting will be held to reveal all and answer your questions and hear your comments before the recommendation is officially presented to the Health Care District Board of Directors at a meeting in May.

If you caught it, the story in the IT on Tuesday was correct, that the recommendation is for the Board to pursue two options simultaneously, on modified land both on Broadway and near the current hospital. The Sun is reporting it differently, despite having been given the same information and personal interviews with Steve and Bob, our Co-Chairs — go figure. But we wanted you to know that BOTH, on sites which have been slightly modified are being recommended to be advanced to the Board.

So, now to the nitty gritty!

The Executive Summary and the full Report will be available on the Blog site (see address below) by the end of the day on Friday — maybe earlier — but I’m relying on volunteers, both me and our Blog Queen, Tina. We each have full days of business on Thursday, so, I’m afraid you’ll have to hold your horses and count on some weekend reading to find out the logic and reasoning behind the decision. Please don’t make up your mind on simply reading this email or the newspapers. Read the Executive Summary and the Report, then come to the meeting. THEN, you can make up your mind! Even the, as you’ll see, we all still need to remain flexible!

Meeting? you ask… Well, yes. We’ll have a Coalition meeting to fully explain the recommendation and the rationale and answer questions and field comments. That will be on Monday, May 14 at 6 PM at Burlingame Hall, 215 W. Spain Street at the First Congregational Church. That’s a new location and a new time for some of you. SIX PM — Burlingame Hall…215 West Spain Street … First Congregational Church.

I’ll send out a short announcement to let you know that the reports have been posted on Friday night. Just as a reminder, in case it’s not on the top of your “to do” list!


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