Sonoma County Materials Exchange Program, new website

Received by email today!   I have tried this site and it is just great.  Please consider taking a look.


Dear SonoMax interested parties:

Since you have expressed prior interest in SonoMax (Sonoma County Materials Exchange Program), you have been selected to test our new web site To meet your needs for a more robust program where you can post AVAILABLE and WANTED ads for your discards, we have worked at creating a web site that has user friendly features similar to and Printed quarterly SonoMax newsletters and the old web site have been discontinued. Before we officially launch this web site, we need your valuable feedback. Please visit the site, register and place an AVAILABLE or WANTED ad. Use MySonoMax to manage your ads. Your comments will be compiled and every attempt will be made to make the changes you request. When providing feedback, please include the browser name and version you used to view the site and email your comments to or call 707-565-3668. Thank you for helping to make SonoMax a useful program! Sincerely, Karina Chilcott SonoMax program manager *************************************************************************** About SonoMax: SonoMax (Sonoma County’s Materials Exchange) is a free online resource where you can find or discard of items. It demonstrates the idea that one person’s trash is another’s treasure. Simply log onto the SonoMax web site and create a wanted or available listing. You can find everything from packaging peanuts, plastic buckets to pallets. SonoMax is a waste diversion program of the Sonoma County Waste Management Agency. *************************************************************************** Karina Chilcott Sonoma County Waste Management Agency 2300 County Center Drive, Ste. B-100 Santa Rosa, CA 95403 tel. 707.565.3668 fax 707.565.3701


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