Update from Sonoma Old School

Having run a store on Broadway in the past, I really feel for this business owner:

Received by email today:

Robert Wilson and his family own Sonoma Old School located on Broadway across the street from the High School. It is a skate and surf retail business including clothes, backpacks, sun glasses etc… you get the picture. Well last month, what should have been a really busy “Back to school” month was impacted by the City of Sonoma doing construction directly in front of his store. It is not my intention to blame the city; I am only trying to help a friend. Needless to say his inventory didn’t move the way he had planned based on prior sales history and he is sitting on a lot of inventory. This weekend he is having a HUGE SALE and I’m sure he would appreciate the support of his/our community.

Robert has always supported local youth programs and even offers our kids discounts based on their school report card performance, the better they do in school the bigger the discount. I would appreciate any and all the support we can provide to help him through a difficult time. Sonoma is a great place to live and raise our children, and I for one, don’t mind the “Small town label” when it comes to pitching in to help a friend.

Thanks in advance for your support,

 Vince Albano


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