Update on the Hospital

I have been asked by Dick Kirk, Steve Pease and Bob Edwards to pass the following message along to the entire Sonoma Valley Health Care Coalition e-mail list. It is in keeping with one of the recommendations in the Coalition’s report to encourage the District to recognize that other developments are likely to occur after our work was done, to communicate any new developments to the public, and to meet with interested citizens and groups. The next meeting of the Hospital Board will update interested parties with new information and…. well, you’ll see from Dick’s message what they are expecting to do at the meeting.

“Sonoma Valley Hospital Board Meeting
Wed, Sept 26, 6:00 pm, First Congregational Church, Burlingame Hall

All:  Most, if not all have already been notified of this Hospital Board meeting, but I send my invitation to you to attend and participate.  We are close to a final selection of site for the hospital.  This meeting will provide an update of information that is new since the Coalition ended in June.  It will be an opportunity to give feedback to the Board, as part of what will enable the Board to come to an informed decision. We may have another one or two community meetings before a final decision is made within the next few weeks. Pass on this invitation to anyone I have missed.

Dick Kirk”

We want to encourage everyone to go to the meeting to be updated on the current thinking of the siting of the hospital. Get the information straight from the source, not filtered through someone else. Stay informed, stay involved, stay active!

Shelley Arrowsmith
Arrowsmith Farms


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