Sonoma Garden Park – Harvest Market and More


Ali & Gabby, young beekeepers, offer Sonoma Garden Park honey for tasting!

As the seasons are turning, we hope you will come visit the Garden Park, either to shop at the Harvest Market, to volunteer, or to just enjoy the sights and smells! The Garden Park is open on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, from 10am – 5pm.
Volunteer Hours: Wed. 9am – 1pm, Friday 4pm – 6pm, Sat. 9am – 2pm

Only two Harvest Markets left this season!!!
This Sat. Oct. 6th and Sat. Oct. 20th, from 10am – 1pm

Please note:

Also see below for details of a very special workshop at the Garden Park on “Making Medicine”

“Harvesting Our Future”
Slow Food Feast in the
Sonoma Garden Park
12:00 Noon
Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Sonoma Ecology Center (SEC) invites you to join us for a luncheon and afternoon event celebrating the harvest at our community supported and organically tended Sonoma Garden Park. Renowned Valley chefs will be cooking seasonal fare with locally grown produce. This wonderful autumn event is designed to introduce awareness and promote the practices of the Slow Food movement.  Slow Food leaders will discuss how to bring back the enjoyment and celebration of food and conversation into your home and family meals, while supporting and maintaining the ecological richness and health of Sonoma Valley.  SEC staff and volunteer docents will lead walks spotlighting educational features, and future plans for the Garden Park.  There will be a silent auction featuring Eco-friendly themed adventures and experiences.

Don’t miss this very special day celebrating the Sonoma Ecology Center, the fall harvest from the Sonoma Garden Park, and the richness of our community and its unique natural environment!

For tickets, contact Judy Aquiline ~ 707/996-9744 ext 10 or
Tickets are $40 for Sonoma Ecology Center Members: $50 for non-members.  Space for this event is limited, so please make your ticket reservations early!

Upcoming workshop:


Saturday , October 20 2 – 5 pm

Restore your relationship to the medicine plants of this earth at the Sonoma Garden Park with Jennifer Jensen, L.Ac., Herbalist
Medicinal herbs were at one time in the heart of every community. The common people had knowledge of the plants around them and employed them as medicines and in cooking. In many cultures remnants of this way of life are still seen. For example, in sushi restaurants today, a shiso leaf may be served with fish which enhances the appetite and antidotes seafood poisoning. Ginger is also served to stimulate the appetite and warm the stomach, countering the effects of an otherwise “cold” food. Historically, common plants were given important tasks. Calendula flowers were thrown into soups to stave off the winter chill. In summer, borage was used too cool down long before the days of iced drinks. Cabbage leaves were compressed over breasts to cure mastitis or bring in the mother’s milk. Parsley tea cured fatigue.

This class offers a chance for every person to reconnect with medicinal plants, learn how to make medicine, and treat many common ailments with just a handful of remedies. It will cover the 20 plus herbs found in the medicine garden of the park, give synergistic combinations, and teach the application of plant energetics to body energetics. There will be time for one on one, person-to-plant meditation or dialogue.

Jennifer Jensen, L.Ac. has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1999. Her love for nature has led her on a life long investigation of plant medicines from around the world, with a special interest in those that grow in our own backyards. Fee $20 – 30 sliding scale, proceeds donated to the park.
Please pre-register with Jennifer by Oct 13 at

See you in the Garden!
Tiona Gundy
Sonoma Garden Park Coordinator
Sonoma Ecology Center
996-0712 X 120