Interview with RICHARD UNGER – Hand Analyst, Author

Richard Unger will be in Sonoma at Readers’ Books, November 29, 7:30 pm

Richard’s book is:

LifePrints: Deciphering Your Life Purpose from Your Fingerprints by Richard Unger, Founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis

Combining the scientific study of fingerprints with the ancient wisdom of palmistry, the LifePrints system is a groundbreaking method of self-discovery. Attendees will receive a fingerprint kit and instructions on deciphering their own life purposes.

I took some time to get to know Richard and learn more about Hand Analysis.


What Is Hand Analysis?
Hand analysis is the modern form of the ancient art of palmistry. Whereas
palmistry is defined as foretelling the future from the lines of your palm,
hand analysis shows you who you are today and who you can be at your best.

The hand analyst examines the overall shape of palm and fingers to determine
basic temperament, the thumb to see you how you “get things under your
thumb,” and the twelve zones of the fingers to see personality strengths and
weaknesses. The lines in the palm are examined to determine basic wiring:
the type of emotional system you have, the kind of computer you possess,
which nervous system type you are, etc. Talents and hidden motivations are

Both hand shape and lines change over time, but fingerprints remain
unaltered from five months prior to birth. By comparing the original imprint
revealed in your fingerprints with the dynamic map of your personality and
character shown in the lines and hand topography, a hand reading gives
perspective to your current circumstances in relation to the big picture of
your life story.

Some people think of hand analysis is palm reading. How do you handle that potentially negative association?
Palm reading is associated in our culture with fortune telling and hand
analysis has nothing to do with telling a person’s future. After reading
over 52,000 pairs of hands, I can say for sure that there is no way for me
to know how many marriages you have had or will have, how long you are going
to live, or if you are going on a long journey. Instead, what I can see is
your life purpose and what you would have to do to bring that purpose
forward so you can get to that same place I got to by reading hands. And
this type of reading is infinitely more interesting.

Why do you read hands?
“Two hands open and in front of my eyes an entire Universe stares back at
me. I descend into their world, like a cave explorer, my ropes and lanterns
at the ready, immersed in this alien environment both strange and familiar:
their essence, the meaning behind life’s events, asking me to put into words
and images that which calls out for understanding and acceptance.

And when I take notice, I see a transformation in my own experience: I am
clear and centered, weightless, aware, more alive, more thankful and more
alert than at any other time in my life.

Why do I read hands? To help other people, to become more self aware,
because nothing, absolutely nothing, connects me more to my spiritual
center, because my own Life Purpose commands it, because they are there.”

When did you realize that this is ‘your path of service’?
I had no idea that hand reading would turn into my life work, but the more
hands I read, the more a certain ME emerged and I liked the way it felt to
be in touch with that ME. Little did I realize at the time, I was in touch
with my life’s purpose when I read hands and there is no better feeling in

What is Life Purpose and Why is it Important?

By definition, Life Purpose is that which brings satisfaction at the deepest
possible level. More than a goal or set of goals, beyond right livelihood,
your Life Purpose is your Right Life, an ongoing connection to a personal
directive, a call to cosmic duty. It is your highest potential expressing
itself naturally and powerfully in all that you do.

To know your Life Purpose is to see the big picture, to have perspective, to
understand the significance of past events and current circumstances, and to
see your own role in the unfolding of your life story. In short, your Life
Purpose is your reason for being. Finding it is the single most important
thing you can do in life.

I understand that you work also includes Soul Psychology. What is Soul Psychology?
Soul Psychology is a model for understanding a person’s core nature and
differs markedly from standard psychology. What would make you feel this has
been a life well lived, that you are not wasting your time on this planet?
What is your Life Purpose? What are your Life Lessons? Good questions, Soul
Psychology questions. Personality psychology can help improve behavior and
outcomes, but it is Soul Psychology that engages the soul level, addressing
the hunger for meaning deep in the center of one’s being.

Tell me about writing your book LifePrints.
LifePrints has been a labor of love from the very first day I started to
write it sixteen years ago. Fingerprints and life purpose analysis has been
my life’s work and my own hands insist that I write a book about it. But,
but…there are a million buts. Where will I get the time to write? Where
will I find an agent? A publisher? An editor? Etc. Etc.

I was inching along, working intermittently on my manuscript, until 9/11/01.
For the next year, my phone went silent and my business (and income)
disappeared. I used this time to work full time on writing, and when my
business began to return to normal, I had several hundred pages done. Little
did I realize this was only the beginning.

After being turned down by a number of publishers, I hired an editor who
helped me make my manuscript more reader-friendly. Re-writing the book was
an excruciating process that took almost as much time as the original
writing. After a while, just having a normal conversation, I could hear my
editors in my head, correcting my English, forcing me to be more exact.

Finally, the process ended and Voila! There is a book. It is in bookstores.
It teaches people the basic concepts of life purpose and soul psychology.
Anyone can read it and figure out their own life purpose or the life purpose
of their spouse and children. I get to talk about all this in lectures and
on the radio, etc. Ain’t life grand!

What are your upcoming events?
Copperfield’s Bookstore, Calistoga, October 26th, 7pm
Avid Reader Bookstore, Davis, November 2, 7:30
Readers Bookstore, Sonoma, November 29, 7:30 pm
Life Purpose Retreat, Weekend of March 30, 2008, Marshall, CA

How can people contact you for more information?
Call me at 415 331-9922


Toning Circle with Margy Henderson, Nov 17 or 18


November 17 or 18 , 10am to 1pm

Come one day or both!


Margy Henderson, one of the founding members of Threshold Choir, would like to share her sound skills with those who would care to use their own voices for healing self and others.


Toning and intuitive chanting are easily learned. Toning is singing non-worded notes and harmonies. With a loving intention we can be supportive by creating an atmosphere of helpful vibration. Just as lullabies are sung to a small child, we are there to comfort, not to perform.


A Toning circle begins with a short ritual to set a sacred space and for participants to open to their own divine impulse and awareness. Some time is then spent softly toning vowels. As the voice (and any judgments) relaxes, Margy will lead us through different uses of toning for meditation and self-healing. We can then begin to sing toward a volunteer in the middle of the circle, offering loving sounds for the relief of pain, grief or anxiety.


For Threshold members toning is helpful when we are at the bedsides of those near death, in coma, or very young. Sound Healing is not the fixing or improving of another. It is a form of love being offered to support the friend’s next place of growth, whatever the person is ready for.


Toning induces trance in both the singer and the friend. Trance states are naturally experienced often during each day, but the intentional opening to intuitive sound increases the potency of the trance state. It is then that there seems to be more time, looser space, and room for something New to arise.


PLACE: Margy’s house, 945A West Spain, Sonoma

RSVP or questions: 707-938-8334;

I can handle about 20 if some would like to sit on the floor. But 15 is the best size. We will have two circles on on November 17th and one on the 18th. You can come to one or both!

DIRECTIONS: Use Mapquest or: 101 to 37 to 121 to Stop sign (76 station) go straight up Arnold Drive (then straight instead of curving left up 116). Go through several lights, past Leveroni to Petaluma Dr light. Take a right to end… Riverside . Go right across bridge and turn left on Hwy 12 just after bridge. Immediate right on West Spain and pull into Fabric business parking lot. Go through carport at 945 to white house in back.

By donation

Dress comfy

Parking in Fabric business lot at corner of Hwy 12 and West Spain .