Toning Circle with Margy Henderson, Nov 17 or 18


November 17 or 18 , 10am to 1pm

Come one day or both!


Margy Henderson, one of the founding members of Threshold Choir, would like to share her sound skills with those who would care to use their own voices for healing self and others.


Toning and intuitive chanting are easily learned. Toning is singing non-worded notes and harmonies. With a loving intention we can be supportive by creating an atmosphere of helpful vibration. Just as lullabies are sung to a small child, we are there to comfort, not to perform.


A Toning circle begins with a short ritual to set a sacred space and for participants to open to their own divine impulse and awareness. Some time is then spent softly toning vowels. As the voice (and any judgments) relaxes, Margy will lead us through different uses of toning for meditation and self-healing. We can then begin to sing toward a volunteer in the middle of the circle, offering loving sounds for the relief of pain, grief or anxiety.


For Threshold members toning is helpful when we are at the bedsides of those near death, in coma, or very young. Sound Healing is not the fixing or improving of another. It is a form of love being offered to support the friend’s next place of growth, whatever the person is ready for.


Toning induces trance in both the singer and the friend. Trance states are naturally experienced often during each day, but the intentional opening to intuitive sound increases the potency of the trance state. It is then that there seems to be more time, looser space, and room for something New to arise.


PLACE: Margy’s house, 945A West Spain, Sonoma

RSVP or questions: 707-938-8334;

I can handle about 20 if some would like to sit on the floor. But 15 is the best size. We will have two circles on on November 17th and one on the 18th. You can come to one or both!

DIRECTIONS: Use Mapquest or: 101 to 37 to 121 to Stop sign (76 station) go straight up Arnold Drive (then straight instead of curving left up 116). Go through several lights, past Leveroni to Petaluma Dr light. Take a right to end… Riverside . Go right across bridge and turn left on Hwy 12 just after bridge. Immediate right on West Spain and pull into Fabric business parking lot. Go through carport at 945 to white house in back.

By donation

Dress comfy

Parking in Fabric business lot at corner of Hwy 12 and West Spain .


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