Sonoma Garden Park News – March 2008

Sonoma Garden Park 
March 2008 News
1. New Volunteer Hours
2. “What’s New In The Garden”  by Rebecca
3. Greenhouse Schedule – volunteers needed
4. Upcoming Events and Classes

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1. New Volunteer Hours:
With the days setting later and the weather getting warmer, volunteer hours have been expanded!
Wednesdays and Fridays 4PM-6PM and Saturdays 9AM-1PM. 
Volunteer this Saturday and receive a garden grown cabbage for St. Patrick’s day!
2. “What’s New In The Garden” by Rebecca
Spring is here. Beautiful peach and plum blossoms abound the garden and the first asparagus of the season unearthed itself to the world today. The raspberry patch is being reworked for easier access to succulent raspberries and the weeds are everywhere if you haven’t noticed! It’s also a great time to plant your spring lettuces and peas!

Rebecca Bozzelli, garden manager, directs high school volunteers in broccoli transplanting.  

3. Greenhouse Schedule – Volunteers Needed The greenhouse is in full swing with the Saturday Harvest Market just around the corner –opening first week of May – and I need your help. I am looking for volunteers who can routinely open, close and water the greenhouse. With the weather warming up, the greenhouse needs ventilation during the day but with the chilly nights, our little babies need to be tucked in. Please let me know, it’s as easy as opening (or closing) a door and checking the seedlings for water. 

4.  Upcoming Events and Classes

“Greenhouse Growing Methods” Class, taught by Paul Wirtz, has been rescheduled for Sat. March 15th from 1PM – 3PM.
There are only a few spaces left.  Call 996-0712 X 120 for info.

“Introduction To Beekeeping” at Sonoma Garden Park,  Saturday, April 19th 10AM – NOON.  Details to follow.

Tiona Gundy
Sonoma Garden Park Project Manager
Sonoma Ecology Center
996-0712 X 120

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