FREE Holistic Practitioner’s Networking Evening 4/22 Sonoma

Please join us for one of our FREE evening gatherings where you’ll meet other holistic practitioners, develop a sense of community, learn pragmatic skills for growing your practice, and contribute to a stimulating conversation about the current state and future of integrative health care.

SPECIAL NOTE: Although Eclectic Health sponsors these evenings, there is absolutely no obligation to join our provider network.

Upcoming dates:

Sebastopol – 4/7
Sonoma – 4/22
San Francisco – 4/23
Walnut Creek – 4/28
Napa – 5/6
Oakland – 5/6
Santa Rosa – 5/19
Mill Valley – 5/20

Our gatherings are limited to
25 participants.

To plan for seating and refreshments,
your RSVP is required.

RSVP Today! Email Veronica Torres: veronica@eclectiche

Details about Sonoma & Napa events:
(for details about events not listed here, please email veronica@eclectiche

SONOMA – Tuesday, April 22th

Tonight’s theme:
How can exploring my frustrations clarify my passions?

California Institute of Massage
772 W. Napa Street
Cross Street 7th Street West

6:30 – 8:30 P.M.

Facilitated by Veronica Torres

Network Director, Eclectic Health

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NAPA – Tuesday, May 6th

Tonight’s theme:
Articulating what you have to offer to attract new clients!

Pathways to Wellness
1920 Lernhart Street, Ste A
Cross Street: W. Imola

6:30 – 8:30 P.M.

Facilitated by Tessa Norris

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SANTA ROSA – Monday, May 19th

Tonight’s theme:
Attracting your ideal client

Triumph Life Center
131-A Stony Circle, Suite #975

6:30 – 8:30 P.M.

Directions: Stony Circle is one mile North of Hwy 12 off of Stony Point. There is a traffic light at Stony Circle. You can only turn West onto Stony Circle. Once on Stony Circle, go past the roundabout. Take the first Left after the hedge and then take another immediate Left. The Center will be on your left in the first row of offices.

Map of this location

Facilitated by
Jim & Heidi Noh-Kuhn
Business & Life Coaches

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More information
Our gatherings are small and intimate, with no more than 25 participants. During the two-hour gathering you’ll have an opportunity to introduce yourself and the work that you do, feel the support of your colleagues, and explore some of the themes and challenges that we face collectively.

We encourage you to bring business cards, brochures, flyers, or any other information relevant to your practice.

For those who are new to Eclectic Health, we will provide information about how to join our community of health care professionals, and what it means to become a provider in our growing regional network.

However, our facilitators are not Eclectic Health employees, and these evenings are not about selling you anything. Rather, they represent a broad commitment by Eclectic Health to support the wellness practitioner community in ways that build community and advance the field of integrative health care.

Light appetizers and refreshments will be served, and there is absolutely no cost to attend. We welcome you to forward this invitation to any colleagues who might be interested in attending.

RSVP today

If you plan on joining us, please RSVP with Veronica Torres at Veronica@EclecticHe or by calling (888) 707-5716 Ext. 5.

Are you interested in hosting and/or facilitating one of our evening gatherings? If you’re a professional coach, facilitator, or practitioner who likes to network and build community, we’d like to support you to create an evening gathering near you.

Contact Veronica Torres to explore the possibilities!

Upcoming Workshops

realizing the promise of integrative healthcare

WHEN: Friday & Saturday, September 12-13, 2008
WHERE: JFK University (Pleasant Hill – 30 minutes from Oakland Airport)

TRACKS: (1) Deepening Your Practice – (2) Integration & Collaboration – (3) Marketing
PROGRAM: Includes 2 keynotes, 12 seminars, 6 wellness breaks, and more…

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Save $100 when you register before June 1st

ECLECTIC PRACTITIONERS: $225 regular admission – $175 early bird

Not yet an Eclectic Health practitioner? Call 707-938-3418 to learn more about joining our interactive community of health care providers and wellness consultants.

En-er-gize Your Chakras with Laughter Yoga 4/26

En-er-gize Your Chakras with Laughter Yoga
Carmela Caryle, M.A.
Internationally Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher
Saturday.  April 26th.
Workshop: 10:30  to 12:00 noon
Including Workshop, Lunch and Celebration afterwards.  $40.
Call 707-217- 4584 to sign up. Space is limited.
Energy is the source of all life.  We now know that everything — including our own bodies — is made up of energy that is in constant motion. Please join Renee and Sue for their dynamic grand opening workshop devoted to exploring and enhancing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy the fun way  — with  Laughter Yoga. No previous knowledge or experience required. We will laugh you through it.
In yogic healing, chakras (wheels) are the seven swirling energy centers of subtle energy running from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each is a hub for vital energy or life force  (prana)  that flows through the body. These seven energy centers affect our survival skills, stress levels, sexuality, sensuality, self-confidence, power, love, communication, mental clarity and connection to the cosmos. Wow!  That’s a lot to laugh about!  Carmela will share practical ways to work with your chakras using  color, scent, sound, yoga postures and of course, laughter.
Get en-er-gized with laughter exercises, deep breathwork, some time on the mat, and moving around the studio in playful community celebration. The benefits are immediate and amazing!
Carmela Carlyle created the first Laughter Yoga Club in Sonoma County. Her extensive skills and background as a professional counselor, yoga teacher, support group facilitator, management training specialist and party gal enable her to exquisitely customize Laughter Yoga in a variety of settings. She is a frequent presenter at professional conferences, spas and yoga studios, marketing events, in organizational settings, eldercare communities, and yes, for private parties.  707.765.9035.

Carmela Carlyle
M.A. Clinical Psychology

Internationally Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

Breathe, Stretch & Laugh Your Way to Better Health!
Laughter Yoga Sessions include deep breathing and stretching with movement, clapping and laughter exercises. There are no jokes. Carmela will guide the group with techniques to bypass intellectual barriers and inspire contagious laughter. Each participant will also have the opportunity to explore his/her own laughter. The sessions end with a short restorative relaxation. The secret to laughter yoga’s success is that our bodies are hardwired with powerful natural reactions to extended hearty laughter and the benefits are felt immediately.

The proven medical benefits are:

  • Blood & all major organs are fully oxygenated.
  • Boosted endorphin levels reduced aches, pain, anxiety & depression.
  • Blood pressure & blood pressure & pulse rate drop & circulation improves.
  • Immune, digestive, sexual & cardiac systems are stimulated.
  • Stress levels (cortisol) reduced by as much as 75%.
  • Belly fat is reduced and diaphragm is relaxed
  • Stretching lengthens, relaxes and strengthens your muscles.
  • Laughing together creates community connection

Brief History of Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga was created by Dr. Madan Kataria, a physician in Mumbai, India.
In the early 1990’s he had a private practice and wrote papers for medical
journals. In his scholarly work he became interested in the growing body of scientific evidence showing that laughter is extremely beneficial to mental and physical health. He and his wife, Madhuri, a
yoga teacher, integrated yoga breathing, stretches, clapping and laughter exercises to create Laughter Yoga. They started a small group in 1995 and there are now Laughter Yoga clubs in 58 countries with thousands of people laughing for better health around the world everyday. Laughter Yoga has been featured on CNN. The Discovery Channel, National Geographic and Oprah, as well as in the international press around the globe. Now you can enjoy its benefits in  beautiful wine country.