IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE. What do the Wise Ones Know?

Earth Dance Circle presents a new and exciting documentary that synthesizes ancient prophecy, indigenous wisdom and quantum science to bring a new perspective on the nature of the universe in cross-cultural celebration of ideas, music and dance on Saturday May 3, 7:00 pm at the Sonoma Community Center.

Join us for this rare opportunity to meet Sedona filmmakers Andrew Cameron Bailey and Connie Baxter Marlow who will discuss the Keys to the Future: Accessing the Trust Frequency, Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm that are the outgrowth of their groundbreaking film. IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE. What do the Wise Ones Know? examines the origin and future of humanity through the voices of visionary indigenous elders from around the world as well as Western scientists and futurists.  “IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE is an inspiring vehicle for change in the evolution of spiritual awareness.

The evening will begin with Toltec, Zaptec and Mistec-inspired performances by Ermesto Hernandez-Olmos and his music/dance group, Besh Beni(Jaguar of Light.) in collaboration with Earth Dance Circle.

Earth Dance Circle, founded by Teresa Rousseau, is dedicated to bringing awareness to the interconnectedness of all beings in order to create greater peace in our world. EDC’s educational programs teach that all life is sacred, offering a bridge for cross cultural understanding which reaches all ages.

Tickets available in advance at Reader’s Books and Body and Soul for $15
$20 at the door

Sonoma Community Center, Andrew’s Hall, Saturday May 3rd 7-10 pm

More information: 707-996-5263