Toning Circle, Sunday June 8th, with Margy Henderson


Sunday June 8 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

What are the natural sounds of reverie? What’s sound does the intuitive daydreamer naturally follow to gain relaxed peace of mind, quiet heart, so that insight can naturally occur? Humming, whistling through the teeth, sighing?

Toning is to allow vocalization of inner states without mental constraint or plan. Body can express its stories. Soul can sing guidance. Let’s un-stifle the song of the big yawn. Let’s sing back to the birds (I’ll put out plenty of birdseed that morning).

Then we will take time for authentic movement to rain stick melody and Tibetan bowls.

To be in loving support with each other as we offer our sounds collectively—-this changes us as we do it, and as each one takes a turn receiving it.

Something fierce and revolutionary can come from the unblocked soul’s expression. Our changing world can use some unfettered peaceful truth tellers. Insight and creativity are powerful change agents. Maybe we can find our true voices by letting go of the words for a time. Toning Circle is evolutionary fun.

Contact: Margy Henderson 707-938-8334 or

Class location: 945 West Spain, Sonoma

walk through the carport to white house behind the yellow one.

Parking ok at the Fabric business lot at corner of West Spain and Hwy 12

Bring: journal, slippers/sox, nourishing snack. Tea and juice provided.

Workshop fee: any donation, though $20 to $30 appreciated.

Margy Henderson

Sound Healer and certified Hand Analyst
Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you  – all of the expectations, all of
the beliefs – and becoming who you are.
–Rachel Naomi Remen
Knowing love I shall allow all things to come and go, to be as supple as the wind and take everything that comes with great courage. My heart is as open as the sky.”

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