July 5th, Ten Foot Tone, plays the Little Swiss !!!!!

Ten Foot Tone, Jon, Gerard, Luis, and Michael are going to play live at the Little Swiss on July 5th from 8-midnight, 19080 Riverside Drive, Sonoma.  Only $8 to get in.

Ten Foot Tone is one of my favorite bands.  Their great energy, powerful lyrics, positive message, and all around goodness make them wonderful to listen to and EXCELLENT to see live.

Their cd Elevate is the one I put in the player when I am ready to dance around the house and put a smile on my face.

Their live show takes the whole thing to a new level. They bring all sorts of toys and other props with them.  The last time I saw them live, they provided costumes for the audience to wear!  (Warning:  the white, Mickey Mouse type hands are fun to wear but they make your hands sweat!)

Visit their website www.tenfoottone.com to see videos and hear audios.  Don’t miss the video for Time Is Not Money.  It cracks me up every time I see it.

They will also perform in Sonoma’s 4th of July parade.

I found one of their videos on You Tube.  This gives you a good feeling for the goofy stuff they do.

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