Sept.13 & Sept. 14 Saturday – Sunday
The 4th annual Katmandu Fall Festival in Depot Park located in the town of Sonoma. This event features exotic Nepalese food, 2 days of cultural performances, music, arts, imported crafts, antiques and goods from Tibet, India and Nepal.
This is a unique experience of, mingling, eating and shopping while waves of music add to the warm and welcoming ambiance of Nepal. As a point of interest there are 53 Sherpa’s living in Sonoma and 125 in Santa Rosa.
There is a huge Nepalese community in the Bay Area and many will be present to
welcome you and share their traditional music and dance.
This year we invite you to meet the artists and dancers, purchase their CDs and learn about their music and upcoming performances. So much to check out. Truely a day with unexpected pleasures, tasty treats from other lands and music and dance to sooth the soul
Event sponsored by Children’s Medical Aid, a non-profit group raising money for Nepalese children, simple operations that change there lives. Please check out the web site and read more.

Stage Line Up
12pm Babaji opening ceremony
12:15pm Patrice Everitt, sound healer
12:45pm April Hirschman, Kumari Dancer
1pm Gobi Batra, Indian Kathar Dancer
2pm Sukhawat Ali Khan
3pm Demitri
4pm TBA

11:30am Hindu Priest
12pm Taslucky Dance
1:30pm Geoffry Gordon & Friends
2pm Baraka Moon Stephen Kent, Geoffry Gordon,
Sukhawat Ali Khan
3pm Raj Kumar, dancers
4pm TBA


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