Humanity Unites Brilliance Meeting: Sonoma 10/16

HUB–Humanity Unites Brilliance–is an incredible new organization of passion, heart, vision and good works in the world! It’s a new paradigm combining:  

Powerful Humanitarian Giving food, education, clean water, sustainability education and micro loans,  currently in Africa and with Pachamama in Equador

Inspiring Empowerment Education to bring your own vision/brilliance forward     Live events and teleseminars with cutting edge leaders/trainiers such as Barbara Marx Hubbard,     Jean Houston, Jack Canfield, Rev. Michael Beckwith and more

A Lucrative business opportunity with 7 possible streams of income, including, soon, a Global Marketplace of free trade crafts, faculty products and your products and services on the www!

What if you could support yourself and the world at the same time! With HUB, it’s possible!

Come to an Igniter–a free informational gathering–in Joy’s home in Sonoma Thursday 7-8:30pm Call for more information, directions and to reserve your space (limited) or 707-933-8231.

Other Igniters: 10/23 Sebastapol, 10/29 Bodega Bay, 11/6 Vacaville. Igniters can be arranged by request.   Visit our website with inspirational videos about HUB’s work in the world (scroll to bottom of home page.)  

Please call Joy with any questions. There is so much to share! 707-933-8231. LOVE and Blessings, JOY