11/23 – Toning Circle with Sound Healer Margy Henderson

Toning Circle

November 23, Sunday, 12 noon to 4 p.m.

You are invited to come to a surprisingly down to earth Ascension party.

This toning class is to help us become more aligned with our Life Purpose. Nothing seems to be more important than listening to each new Moment’s Divine Impulse that lives in our own wise soul. And to vibrate authentically with that impulse. Express who you are designed to be!

We will be learning a subtle energy/powerful tool of expressing our inner light — — the holy truth about us — — by toning with a listening ear, not a performing voice.

Utter nonsense sounds.

To learn to speak only good Sense.

Listening within eventually leads us to the sound of Angels wings or the roar of Living Waters that cascade through the sloping boulders of this perfect Incarnation that is our daily life.

We are vessels of light, becoming bodies for the purpose of fitting into a Scheme that is always new and designing itself.

All matter is sentient, as it turns out.

Humans are a newer species on the planet. In our vital clumsiness, we have seen ourselves as potent through force and hierarchical dominance. This mistaken identity has blinded the species from its subtle Reality up until now.

But the Truth of Us is rising into our collective awareness — — quickly now, we are recognizing that systems of wise intuitive interdependence make more sense than divisive dominance.

There is a wise and loving Voice of Reason, a Song of Purpose, that vibrates us alive freshly every moment.

Oh you, who have the ears to hear, sing out your fresh new Reality. Sing your unique contribution to the interdependent Orchestra of Life.

Open to it; learn to begin this new song.

Welcome to Margy’s house.

Call 707 938-8334 to save a chair in the circle.

Or e-mail planetsounds@sbcglobal.net

Margy Henderson

Sound Healer and certified Hand Analyst

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