Toning Circle

January 24, Saturday Noon to 4 pm






Toning is a tool to learn

to live in the vibrancy of what is present Now

and to respond authentically.

What the world needs now is love, sweet love.

Consider joining with others

in a safe circle of sound explorers

to practice simple, authentic, intuitive voice.

It is a powerful comfort.

Margy Henderson has been teaching Toning classes in Sonoma for 7 years. These experiences have helped many people to consider their own voices to be effective self-healing.

The class begins with a gentle ritual that draws each participant into a sense of belonging. Vocalizing sacred sounds relaxes the throat and the heart.

Margy will demonstrate intuitive Sound Healing. The circle will find their collective voices, and each participant will have opportunity receive the loving sounds of the group.

If you would like to come, please reply email or call Margy at 707-938-8334

Event location: Margy’s house, 945A West Spain, Sonoma, CA

Hum or sing on the way.

Dress comfortably; bring slippers or warm sox and a journal.

Suggested donation: $30 (please come, donate what you can)

Everyone is welcome to stay afterward to eat any lunch you bring. That’s when you’ll want to socialize with the amazingly wonderful people who have been healing you during the circle.

DIRECTIONS: Map quest to Hwy 12 and  West Spain.   I am across from the Blue Moon Saloon. Park in  Fabric business parking lot. Walk through carport at 945 West Spain to white house behind the yellow one.

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