Experience Healing Modalities at the Open House on March 21 FREE

Hey, friends.
The wonderful healers who are opening their office for this event are letting people in to experience their various methods, many not available anywhere else.

Silvia Cloe has a hyperbaric chamber, used to get oxygen deeply into the body and brain. I have been lucky enough to try it.

Libby Roberts is  VERY gifted Feldenkrais teacher who does popular classes at Parkpoint.

Jane Ellen Heath is an MD who uses Homeopathy and teaches workshops.

They invited me to do toning tune-ups at the open house.
I hope people will drop by and meet these terrific women, play with their diagnostic machines, biofeedback, and, my favorite, the Hyperbaric chamber for oxygen therapy!
Margy Henderson
Sound Healer and Hand Analysis

Spring Equinox


March 21st 1:00 – 5:00 pm no cost

283 2nd St. East


Hosted by: QEEG4WellBeing & Mandala CSN


Healing modalities of:


Awareness Through Movement®

Biofeedback games


Journey to the Wild Divine

Presentations on:

Detox Homeopathy

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Brain mapping, the QEEG

Contact #996-2930 for more information or just stop by on the 21st!