TONING CIRCLE – June 28th in Sonoma


Personal Sound Healing


June 28, Noon to 4 pm

Margy Henderson invites you to participate in a Toning Experience

Toning is an immediate form of self-help. In any moment we have an option for feeling better. Our own voices, released from constiction, vibrate whatever healing tones are intuitively appropriate to ‘re-set’ the system in which we find ourselves.

Consider the posibility that there was an Original Song of Creation. All matter (including us and our circumstances) arose from Sound. “In the beginning was the song”

All original people of the planet remembered their Creation Songs and passed them down for thousands of years. These songs not only described what brought them into being, but included the Geography of the Land. This is how they could travel from the Inka trail to the Valley of the Moon, from Mt Shasta to the Ocean. The map was in the songs.

Our personal geography, a sense of being in place and time, can be guided by listening with an inner ear to the Original Song, which is outside of space and time. Somehow, by listening and singing, we come to understand that we are a system of earth elements, animated by Light, Consciousness, Love, and Order. The ongoing Creation Song has no time and space restrictions. The big bang of original sound is a pulse wave of Now.

The Songs also held the Moral Code. There is a natural rythmn to a balanced life in Common. When we were warming and cooking at the fires, we also used drum and song to teach, celebrate and Vision. The altered states of Consciousness that arise in commonly held song and rythmn are an invitation for Guidance toward the well-being of the whole group.

It is a radical act to gather for common good, and to bring our personal energy into the mix. We each feel all the better in the shared song.

Maybe modern culture has been bent into submission by commercial jingles and by performance anxiety, but there are many who are ready to explore what is our individual responsibility: Presence. One method of engagemant at this level is to use the voice in a surrendered way. Sing sounds that feel like the Truth of you in the moment. These sounds might initially seem rough, or reflect the difficulties of our circumstances. But they tend to resolve into beauty, into resonance, into a strengthening vibration that heals. We really are naturally built for toning as personal healing that draws us back into harmony with wholeness.

Listening to the truth of ourselves leads us to an even deeper truth: We share the Integrity of the whole.

Heard fully only by the original Consciousness, the orchestra of all matter is a glorious thing. And we are each a destination point in the whole cosmology. We each bring our attention to some part of the Whole each time we are Present to our circumstances. (circum…the circle around our stance, where we are now)

Just look around you right now, bring your attention to something that attracts your interst, and engage with it; love something. And be open to It loving you back.

And here is what is so comforting to me: It seems likely that the most respsonse-able I can be is to listen, listen, listen to what is Singing me Alive each Moment. And sing along.

This Toning Class is like warming ourselves around the common cooking fire. And singing ourselves into rememberance of who we really are.

Please reply email or call Margy at 707-938-8334

Event location: Margy’s house, 945A West Spain, Sonoma, CA

Hum or sing on the way.

Dress comfortably; bring slippers or warm sox and a journal.

Suggested donation: $30 (please come, donate what you can)

You may want to stay for a bit afterward to socialize with the amazingly wonderful people who have been healing you during the circle. If so, bring a snack.

DIRECTIONS: I am near Hwy 12 on West Spain, opposite the Blue Moon Saloon. Walk through carport at 945 West Spain to white house behind the yellow one.


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